Home Learning – Week 7 (w/b 18th May)

This week’s school theme is ‘service’. Thank you to Tabitha in Year 5 who has created a powerful image for our Home Learning page this week.   A selection of other wonderful designs are published at the bottom of this page, along with thoughtful prayers written by Lottie, Leo, Skyla and Ariola.

Click on the links below for the Home Learning Activities this week:

The Sumdog competition and activities are very popular. Last week, some pupils achieved great scores in the grammar, spelling and maths activities. Congratulations to:
Reception Class – Maysaa and Michael
Year 1 – Amalia
Year 2 – Leo, Nathaniel, Olamide and Prince
Year 3 – Emily, Ethan and Tami
Year 4 – Daniel, Dora, Namira
Year 5 – Afsana
Year 6 – Anjola, Donnie, Rim and Zak

What activities will you try? Will you be on the leaderboard this week?

Rozanne (Reception)
Lottie (Year 1)
Leo (Year 2)
Ethan (Year 3)
Ariola (Year 4)
Sarai (Year 4)
Mena (Year 5)

Thank you to Lottie, Leo, Skyla and Ariola who have written beautiful prayers to share with us this week:
Dear God
Thank you teachers for giving us lots of lovely home learning activities.
Please help me keep doing it each day.
(Lottie, Year 1)

Dear God
Help us feel up when we are down and turn our frowns upside down.
Thank you for these wonderful days at home with our family with all our love together.
(Leo, Year 2)

Dear God
Thank you for taking care of us during this time.
We are doing all we can
to help the Earth stay healthy and happy.
Thank you for taking care of the NHS.
(Skyla, Year 3)

Dear God
Please wrap your arms around my family and friends and keep us safe.
(Ariola, Year 4)