Tate Britain Steve McQueen Photography Project

Year 3 are very excited to be involved in the historic photography project with Tate Britain.  The famous photographer, Steve McQueen, has had an idea to invite all Year 3 classes in London to be photographed as part of an exhibition.  In a recent interview in The Guardian, Steve McQueen spoke about “reflecting on who we are, where we come from, what is in the future”.  Portraits of the Year 3 classes will be exhibited in Tate Britain and across the city later in the year.

The children met Cora, the photographer this week and said this about her visit:

Ariola said “It was really interesting to meet somebody from The Tate.”

Dora said “I liked her.”

Harry  said “I enjoyed being in the photo and I can’t wait to see it in November in The Tate.”

Sarai said “I enjoyed the drama games, they were fun.”

Kameran said “It was very interesting to meet a photographer.”