St Matthew's Primary School & Nursery

Covid-19 Catch Up Funding

£13,260 Covid-19 Catch Up Premium funding has been allocated to St Matthew's. 

The funding has been designed to mitigate the effects of disruption and impact on children’s learning in Years 1-6.

We have explored different options to ensure the funding has the greatest impact on our pupils.
St Matthew's Covid Catch Up Plan 2020-2021

Reading is a high priority in every class and some Catch Up funding will be spent on resourcing our reading scheme - particularly to support phonics.  Specific focus (in school and by Ofsted) is on the lowest 20% of readers in each class and plans are in place to ensure these pupils are receiving the appropriate support and can make accelerated progress.  We have commissioned and Early Reading Review with an Ofsted inspector to look at our Early Reading provision at school and the impact on pupil outcomes throughout the school.

We have been offering a full curriculum in every year group since the beginning of the academic year.

We have registered for the Nuffield Early Language Intervention (NELI) for our Reception Class.  NELI is a high-quality, evidence based, 20 week intervention designed to improve the language skills of children in Reception Class.