St Matthew's Primary School & Nursery

School Streets: update on parking and traffic around St Matthew's School

The temporary arrangements which have been in place since June 2020, whereby St Ann's Street was closed off by school staff at pick up and drop off times, have now ended.  The street is now a "Pedestrian and Cycle Zone" at certain times and there are new signs indicating this, along with signs indicating no left or right turn from neighbouring streets.
Our understanding of the main changes, and key points to note, is as follows:
  • the general dispensation to park on yellow lines for 10 minutes in connection with dropping off or collecting from any school will not now apply in St Ann's Street (because of its new designation). This may only apply to the southern part between Old Pye Street and Great Peter Street by the school. Clarification is being sought.
  • the various signs and the yellow turtle gates will at some point be removed by the Council and we will have to rely on drivers obeying the signage - so please be careful about road safety as there will be nothing physical to stop traffic from using the street
  • the school will continue to have a member of staff, usually me, in the street in addition to staff at the Early Years door
  • the special dispensation in Old Pye Street allowing drivers to park partially up on the pavement continues (please let the school know if you would like a notice to display on your dashboard)

Very few children at St Matthew's arrive by car but it is important for everyone to be aware of the arrangements which have been put in place by the Local Authority in the interests of safety and air quality.

More information can be found in these documents from the City Council:

7 1 22 wcc school street letter content.pdf


westminster school streets faqs.pdf