St Matthew's Primary School & Nursery




The new Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum has come into place as of September 2021. As a result, we have introduced some important and significant changes to our Early Years Curriculum at St Matthew’s. Some of these exciting changes have been summarised below:

  • Termly topics will be in the form of Big Questions. 
  • We use ‘Tapestry’, our online learning journal, to share your child’s learning journey using photographs and videos. Each post will be accompanied by a short caption to briefly explain the child’s learning or activity. 
  • Parents and carers will be able to use Tapestry at home to document key learning moments at home, such as learning how to ride a bike or going on an outing.
  • This year, we will be choosing three or four children each week as ‘focus children’ in the class. Staff will observe and create a detailed observation of each child’s learning journey throughout that week. These will be uploaded to Tapestry at the end of the week for parents to view and comment on. Every child in the class will have a focussed learning journey completed each small term – six per year. Please see the separate letter for more information regarding Tapestry.
  • Each term, we will have a set of key texts that will be used as a stimulus for discussions, writing opportunities and cross-curricular learning. 
    Nursery Curriculum Overview - Term 3
    Please find below some general information that will be helpful to know about Nursery Class. Please do speak to me if you have questions about any of these points:
  • All the children must come to school wearing the correct school uniform. Please ensure that all uniform items are named as this helps to return lost items to the right children.  It is important that the children wear appropriate footwear – comfortable black school shoes with Velcro fastenings help with developing independence. 
  • Your child will need a set of spare clothes, including an extra set of socks and spare underwear. All items must be placed in a bag, which will be kept on your child’s coat peg in the Early Years courtyard.
  • We are encouraging all children to bring a pair of wellies to school to wear outside when it is raining.  Please label your child’s wellies with their name, put them in a bag and we will keep them on their coat peg in school.
  • We provide fruit and milk for the children throughout the school day and every child must have a clearly labelled water bottle. Juice or any other types of drink are not allowed. You may wish to collect the bottle at the end of the day so that it can be washed and returned to school the following school day. 
  • Books will be changed at least once a week and will be sent home in children’s book bags. We ask that children read with an adult every evening and that these sessions are recorded in your child’s reading diary. Your child may not be at a reading age currently but it is so important that they are read with/to every evening to help them to develop language and communication skills. A letter about reading with your child will be sent home separately and we will hold parent workshops in future Coffee Mornings to share our reading curriculum with you.
  • We value your contributions towards your child’s learning journey.  To support this, we have ‘Magic Moments’ sessions on the carpet. This is a time for the children to share stories about their own personal experiences with their peers. The children will have the opportunity to talk about any exciting news, achievements or things that they have made. We can also use your posts on your child’s Tapestry account to support the class discussion about your child’s Magic Moment. 
  • Regular attendance and good punctuality are essential. Please do contact the school office if your child is not coming to school because of illness or if they will be late.
  • If you would like to donate a preloved item in good condition to the Early Years, please speak to a member of staff first, as we have very limited space for resources. However, we always need small bits and bobs for creative work, e.g. buttons, small boxes, juice cartons, paper towel rolls and bottle tops. These will be quarantined for two weeks before the children can use them.
  • We are looking into reintroducing induction meetings and Early Years open mornings with the EY parents. We will be in touch with arrangements regarding both of these over the next few weeks.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me or make an appointment to see me by emailing the school office.  

Miss Millie Kee

Nursery Class Teacher