St Matthew's Primary School & Nursery

School Day Timetable

The school day begins at 7.45am in the school hall for some pupils at our Breakfast Club run by Fit For Sport (Extended School Provider).

Breakfast Club is a great way for children to start the school day.

Children are given a healthy and nutritious breakfast as well as the opportunity to prepare their bodies and minds by participating in a wide range of activities.

School starts at 9.00 am.  Any child who arrives after 9.00am is marked as late for school.

Early Years:

The EY door (St Ann’s Street) is opened at 8.55am.

Parents are requested to wait on the opposite side of the road until the door is opened (in respect for our neighbours and road safety). The EY door closes at 9.10am, and entry is then through the red doors on Old Pye Street. After 9.10am, children in Early Years are registered as late for school (12.40pm for the afternoon session).

Part-time Nursery children come into school for either the morning sessions (9am-12pm) or the afternoon sessions (12.30pm-3.30pm) and entry is via the EY door for these sessions.

Key Stage 1 & 2:

The playground gate (St Ann’s Lane) is opened at 8.45am.

Parents are responsible for their children until 9.00am. The playground gate closes at 9.00am, and entry is then through the red door (Old Pye Street) where the child is registered as late for school.

Parents and carers are welcome to wait in the playground or school lobby with their children between 8.45am and 9am, but should not walk around the school building before school starts.  If you would like to speak to a member of staff, please go to the school office.

The school day finishes at 3:30pm for children. Pupils in Nursery and Reception are collected from Early Years and pupils in Years 1-6 are collected from the main playground. A range of school led clubs take place after school and extended school provision is run by Fit For Sport until 6pm.

As part of our safeguarding arrangements at school, we do not allow children to go home with an adult if we have not previously been notified by the parent/carer.  If parents would like to include an additional adult to their child’s contact list (even if they are already known to the school), an email containing the person’s name and contact number should be sent to the school office.