St Matthew's Primary School & Nursery

Partnership with St Barnabas' Primary School

In September 2020, St Matthew’s School and  St Barnabas’ Primary School & Nursery  joined in partnership.  In September 2023,  Mrs Maltese was appointed to the role of Executive Headteacher and is delighted to be able to develop this local partnership to enable each school to continue to further flourish and grow.  

Whilst maintaining the Christian ethos and distinctiveness of each individual school, The partnership aims to:

  • encourage the development of different and innovative ways of working with another school to have a positive impact on all pupils
  • enhance the educational provision offered to the children of both schools
  • uphold and further build upon the existing high quality of teaching and learning and outcomes in both schools
  • provide opportunities to share and develop staff expertise across both schools

Each school has its own distinctive Christian vision and it’s own Governing Body.  Each school will maintain an ethos that has Christian values at its core, with strong links to their respective parish churches.  The Governing Bodies of both schools are pleased to be able to further build on the individual and collective strengths of each school.   

Mrs Maltese spends her time between each school each week and works closely with the senior leaders to provide the strategic leadership for both schools. Ms Green and Mrs Selinas lead the school on a day to day basis.  If parents ever wish to speak to a member of staff at school, they should always contact the school office or the class teacher in the first instance.  If parents need to speak to a senior member of staff, they can arrange to speak to Ms Green or Mrs Selinas.   Parents can of course talk to either of them about any area of school life, but it might be helpful to know that their specific areas of leadership are:


Safeguarding, curriculum, teaching, learning, secondary school applications

Speak to Ms Green 

(Head of School, Curriculum)

Safeguarding, pupil wellbeing, SEN, medical needs, pupil behaviour, EAL

Speak to Mrs Selinas

(Head of School, Inclusion)